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District School Board Ontario North East
Special Education

Here you will find District School Board Ontario North East's Special Education Plan as well as those responsible for the implementation and development of these guidelines. Our Special Education department consists of the following people:

Superintendent of Education: Steve Pladzyk

Vice Principal and System Administrator of Special Education: Jody Pecore

Mental Health and Well Being LeadDenise Plante-Dupuis

Special Education Secretary: Noella Dufresne (New Liskeard Board Office)

District Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTs):

Northern Region: Kristen Koistinen

Central Region:  Cristy Gattesco

Southern Region: Karen Smyth

Regional School Social Workers

Northern Region: Heather MacDonald

Central Region: Sabrina Lepage

Southern Region: Matthew Schofield

Autism Support Officer: Alexandra Freeman

Behaviour ConsultantVanessa Harmanmaa

Behaviour Consultant:  Joel Van Dyk

2021-2022 Special Education Board Plan

Special Education Parent Guide

PPM 149 - Protocol for Partnerships with External Agencies