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District School Board Ontario North East
Safe Schools Training

This training module is intended for DSB1 employees. The revised Safe Schools legislation, Bill 157 "Keeping Our Kids Safe At School", came into effect on February 1, 2010. The purpose of the revisions to the Safe Schools Act and the training in the Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy are:

  • To ensure that all members of the school community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted through educating staff and students to value diversity, to demonstrate respect for others, and to commit to establishing a just, caring society.
  • To require every Board employee to play a role in addressing issues of inappropriate student behaviour, to improve school climate and to support victims of such behaviour.

Training Requirements

  1. Print Reference Quiz
  2. View PowerPoint Presentation
  3. View Training Videos
  4. Provide Demographic Information
  5. Complete Online Quiz

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